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Out August 27th in paperback stocked by Amazon waterstones and whsmith.

‘The Temple’ by Peter Skillen is a fable about love. The authors first novel, it centres on Malic and his undying love for Mila.
The story begins with the central characters falling in love and in these pages the author explores the deep emotions and feelings that humans experience when true love exists in the many different relationships we experience throughout life, be it between lovers or the love between parents and children.
Peter has succeeded in explaining these emotions through a tender and beautifully written approach that really is gripping for the reader. The book is an emotional roller coaster that is very difficult to put down as the story unfolds at a quick pace as the author deals with many highs and lows of the central characters struggle with himself.
Very beautifully and eloquently written, this brilliant story is of a universal love that will appeal to all and talked about in years to come.Released August 27th 2016

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The Temple is Peters first fictional Novella and is a fable about love.

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The Twelve Step Warrior is the number one Self help/Martial arts Biography Book on Amazon (28/3/14) and has over 100 Five Star reviews :

The Blurb

I spent most of my young life searching; searching for a meaning to my existence. The problem was, I was searching in the wrong place.

My search was conducted on the very edge of society among fellow outcasts, all of them looking for answers, all making the same mistakes, all looking in the wrong places.

I wasn’t going to find a life worth living among the thieves, fighters, gamblers and one-time somebodies that propped up the bars of the worst drinking holes I attended back then on a nightly basis.

The people I was mixing with then had already given up on their search and I too had fallen into their fold. My existence had become a beggar’s search for the next hit of alcohol. I didn’t really care who bought it for me, but I needed it, I craved it and it consumed me.

All my thoughts, even when I had achieved my goal and was standing looking longingly into a full glass, were on where the next drink would come from. I was at the jumping off point and had to find a way out of this dark existence.

This is the story of how I found my way out of that darkness and into the light.


“I am honoured to write the foreword to this amazing book written by my friend Peter Skillen. I have known Peter for a number of years and have witnessed his painful climb from addiction, depression and destitution. It is hard to believe, and inspirational to see, how this once damaged man has become a successful film maker, a published author and a gentle and inspirational teacher. I love him. Not just because he has had the courage to become a master of return but also because he has had the courage to sit down and write this very personal story; a story that will bring light to countless others who find themselves in dark places. Escaping our past can be difficult enough, writing about our past in order to help others to do the same, is inspirational.

I highly recommend Peter Skillen. I highly recommend this book.

Read it, it may prove life-saving.”

Geoff Thompson

BAFTA Award-winning writer, world-renowned martial artist and inspirational teacher.

Life is Good.

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The process is Peter Skillen’s third book.

The Blurb.

This small but powerful book tackles the way we deal with loss; the process we go through when loss hits us, what to do about that loss and how to cope with it.

From the experiences of Peter Skillen; The author of The Twelve Step Warrior (the number one best-selling self-help book on Kindle 2013) this book is packed full of suggestions, tips and techniques which will help to speed up this process of healing and recovery allowing us to accept the losses we have suffered in our lives.


Peter Skillen and I first met through our passion for martial arts. When I say martial arts I mean the tough hands-on, no-questions-asked approach.
Anyone who has ever fought in this arena automatically has my respect, as it takes a certain amount of courage to put body and mind on the line.
However, when I met Peter, I didn’t only meet a very competent martial artist and fighter. I also found in him a man who had had far bigger battles outside of the dojo.
His first book, The Twelve-Step Warrior, gives a great insight into the author’s life and his struggles with addiction, abuse and life itself.
Peter not only has a degree from university; he has what is, in my opinion, the highest degree that any human being can achieve, and that is a degree based on life itself.
Here is a man who has been there and most definitely has the T-shirt to prove it.
I believe that we all have a guardian angel, and Peter’s angel has done a great job in looking after him, but talk about being tested.
His angel must be very special and very tired, as he or she has had to work very hard in guiding Peter.
As in The Twelve-Step Warrior, Peter has been very honest in this book in sharing his learnt knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is knowing and wisdom is doing. Peter has both knowledge and wisdom in abundance. He shares very personal and intimate accounts from his life to help the reader understand and cope with the process of loss.
Loss affects us all, but is rarely discussed in Western society. Peter has the courage to face and discuss loss, and to share how at times it nearly broke him, but also how he dealt with and what he learnt from it.
As a fellow writer, I know how hard it is to not only write a book, but to bare your soul in a book. Peter bares his soul, and in having the courage to do so has written a work that will bring comfort to those who read it.
It reassures us that even in the darkest of times there is always hope.

Anthony Somers
Owner of Self Empowerment Academy

Life is Good

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The Blurb

This is the second book by inspirational writer, Peter Skillen, author of The Twelve Step Warrior. In this book, Peter takes you, the reader, through a myriad of writings, thoughts, and feelings, in the hope it will make you look at life from a different perspective. After each piece of writing, a space has been left for you to write your own thoughts and feelings. This small but powerful book is presented with two aims: to inspire you, and to remind you that life is good.


It is my privilege to be writing the foreword for this fantastic book.

I first met Peter after releasing my own book late in 2013, a book that exceeded my expectations. Peter had released ‘The Twelve Step Warrior’ and it had been recommended to me time after time. When I finally read it, I felt I simply had to meet Peter to congratulate him on his journey so far. I began to train with Peter at his kickboxing classes, something I thought I’d never get back into as confidence was at an all time low. He has taught me that I can only move forwards and this has made a huge, positive impact on my life.

Not only is Peter an inspiration, he has changed many lives for the better and continues to do so.

I was privileged to be one of the first to read ‘Life is Good’ and I’ve been looking forward to its much anticipated release. It’s much more than a book of inspirational thoughts and affirmations; it’s the wisdom of Peter’s experiences. I highly recommend this book, I couldn’t put it down and read it throughout the night with my eyes wide open.

Life IS good, if you can learn to embrace it.

Moll French

International Bestselling Author

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