Welcome the Challenge.


The challenge

Trying to achieve our dreams isn’t easy. It’s really hard, in fact, but the good news is, it’s meant to be. The challenges and obstacles that get in our way are there for a reason, so don’t run away from. Embrace them.

On every little step of the journey towards your dreams you will be challenged and asked to step up to the mark. You can do one of two things: you can either step up or you can step down. But when you step down, the likelihood is that you’re going to get run down, too.

Every personal challenge in life has two outcomes: victory or loss. There is no in-between, there is no draw. A draw just means that you didn’t win. You may not have lost, but you still didn’t win. Sometimes, drawing is worse than losing, especially when you’re drawing against yourself.

Winning is the key!

Life’s challenges come when we need to be taught a lesson, and the harder they are the more we need the lesson. Life brings these lessons to our feet because we cannot move forwards unless we take on the challenge and win.

It’s no use sitting on your backside and waiting for the challenge to go away, because it won’t! It will not go away until you get up and face whatever it is head on. You cannot move past the challenge to your goal until you face it and beat it.

It could be something as simple as getting up an hour earlier to achieve something you need to achieve, or it could be facing your worst fear, but either way the challenge will still be there every second of every day until you take up the gauntlet and face it head on.

The good news is, the challenge is never as big as we make it out to be. Often these challenges seem massive in the mind, but often when we actually face them and take action we can’t understand what all the fuss was about. It’s never as bad as we think it’s going to be.

So, when a new challenge presents itself at your feet, stand up and face it head on. There is a lesson to learn in every challenge, and lessons lead to knowledge. The more knowledge we gather on the way to achieving our goals and dreams, the more use we will get out of them when we get there.

It will be hard, and if it isn’t it’s not really a challenge anyway. It will use up your energy and it may even be physically challenging, but if facing that challenge head on propels you even one inch closer to your dream, pick up the gauntlet and slap the face of your next challenge with it. I promise you will not regret it.

Remember: A challenge is there for a reason. We are challenged because we need the lesson that lies within that challenge. We need it if we are to achieve our dreams.

A Different Perspective.



A different perspective

Millions of years have passed since the attack started. They are everywhere. Our world is in chaos. They came up from the ground and invaded; stripping the planet of all its resources, killing anything that got in their way. Destruction is everywhere. The young barely have time to grow before they are used as sustenance and the old are destroyed without thought. Those who are in between fall from the constant onslaught.

We once lived without chaos – we lived in harmony – but since they arrived, nothing has been sacred. Nobody is untouched. Life once flourished, but now death is everywhere. We struggle to survive, when previously our only aim was to provide. Such is the extent of the devastation that some of our species are now extinct.

The loss of our kind is now entering a critical phase. We no longer roam free as we once did. We are fighting a chemical and concrete war; a war that we fear we cannot win. We are victims of the non-stop decimation of our planet. Fear of extinction is everywhere.

We are periodically taken away and chemically changed beyond our normal functionality. We have become experiments for the invaders that only benefit their kind. We are so weak now and our planet is dying.

The invaders see that we are all connected and that they are dependent on our survival for theirs, but they continue to invade and wipe out our kind day after day. When we are

gone they too will perish. They will share the same fate as us: a slow, agonising, suffocating death.

If only we could communicate with the invaders. If only we could show them that the progressive extinction of our people and our world will in fact herald the signing of their own death warrants. Deep down they know, but they do it anyway.

We are hardy and we will continue to rise up where possible. We will never give up the fight to redress the balance. If only they could understand us before it is too late. There could be hope, but alas, hope is all we have.

Why don’t these invaders realise the importance of balance?

We are nature. We are the green grass, the fields, the vegetation and the trees. We plead with our human invaders to listen, but as yet they have not. We fear that the end has already been created, but we live in hope.

Sometimes we can’t see the problem because we are looking at it from the wrong perspective. We have to reposition ourselves so that we can see the problem from another perspective. This prevents us from being so short-sighted and allows us to think more about how we can help others, and in what ways.

Remember: We don’t all see with the same eyes or think with the same mind.

Start Living


When we are ill we are given medicine to feel better but some of us don’t take it and wonder why we still feel ill!
If your heart aches and your trapped in the darkness head towards the light. Get rid of all the crap that’s been dragging you down for years. It’s all bullshit! Stop feeding your dark side, stop people pleasing, stop making up shit excuses. Get up get off your arse and change it!
If your depressed and god knows I have been, change your routine. Change the way you think by doing different things.
If you have past hurts clogging up your heart. Then get that out of the darkness and into the light.
Tattoos, violence, cannabis, amphetamines, glue, alcohol, I did them all BEFORE I WAS EVEN A TEENAGER!!
Even before that I suffered!
But you got to cut that shit out, you got to exercise those dark memories and erase them from your life.
You’ve got to get up and get out there and live.
Chase your dreams, run In the fields, ride a bike with the wind in your hair, laugh, eat, climb a
Mountain, swim, roll down grassy green hills do what ever the fuck makes you happy and don’t care who’s watching or what anyone else thinks.
It’s your choice.


The Centre of the Universe

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 22.22.32

There was a time when I actually believed and acted like I was the centre of the universe; everything revolved around me! This was a time when all I thought about was myself; a selfish time and actually a time of pain and suffering.
It wasn’t until I realised that actually I was not the centre of the universe, that things started to change.
You see I’ve come to believe that there isn’t a centre of the universe at all, but only a shared universe where everything we do affects everyone and everything that shares it.
Since I’ve started to have faith in this new found belief, I’ve found myself having many, many more successes more often, in everything I do.
When we stop and take a look at ourselves and our lives and the lives of the people we share it, we see the cause and effect of our actions expanding out like the ripples from stones thrown into water. We see that as these ripples expand, they have a more far-reaching effect than we ever thought possible.
When we start to consider who these ripples touch and the effect of them, we start to consider our own actions more carefully. Things like good timekeeping become more important; as being late can have far-reaching effects on many different people and situations. That extra five minutes at the bar or taking the attitude of ‘they or it’ll wait’, could have a knock-on effect that could potentially ruin everything for someone on the outer limits of the ripple in the water we’ve just created.
Instead of thinking of ourselves as the be-all and end-all, we start to take into consideration how powerful our actions are and how powerful the effects of these actions can be. What starts out as a ripple in the water for you, could be a tidal wave for someone else.
Our planning of things becomes more accurate and more refined and even our work becomes more constructive and productive when we remove ourselves from the centre and understand we share the universe with everyone else.
In short, the less you are at the centre, the more you will achieve.
I’m not saying you shouldn’t put your own needs first, but what I am trying to point out is the way we think about and go about achieving our successes determines how successful we will be.
Don’t be selfless or selfish, just take a slight shift from the centre and of everything and look at how big your shared universe is.
Who will your actions affect and what effects will those actions cause?
By removing yourself from the centre, you will start to take more actions that have great effects and less actions that cause bad ones and the pain and suffering you may be experiencing will start to diminish.
The more you cultivate this kind of thinking, the more you will flourish and the more you flourish, the more successes you will have.




Staying Motivated


Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 17.26.50

Often we start down a path on a journey motivated and full of enthusiasm. What we have set out to achieve is at the forefront of our minds and we are full of determination. But often after a few weeks, the enthusiasm has dwindled and the motivation has gone. How then do we keep up the momentum?

Keeping motivated is the most important aspect of achieving any goal we set. It’s the motivation behind that chosen goal that needs to be at the forefront of your thinking at all times.
How often do you hear of someone who joins the gym, starts a diet or starts out on an educational journey only to get a few weeks in and then stop completely. The main reason for this is lack of motivation.
To keep motivated we have to constantly remind ourselves of the reason we set the goal in the first place.
Let’s say you’re overweight and decide for health reasons or you’re self- conscious about the way you look, so you decide to join a gym. You’re nervous the first day but the motivation is so high that you pluck up the courage to go and join. You start you training and it’s hard, it’s really hard. It’s so hard that already on the first day, on the first exercise you’re asking yourself why, oh why am I doing this? Day one and you’re already killing the motivation. Some unscrupulous gym buff makes a comment about you being out of breath after 5 minutes on the treadmill and your motivation is again chipped away. You go home and your partner or friend tells you you’re being silly; you’re just not the gym type. Eventually you will start telling yourself its too hard, I’m too unfit, what’s the point!
Motivation gone!
So how do we build a shield of motivation that such comments will bounce right off?

The Three P’s

Plan what action it is you are going to take to achieve your goal.
What’s your target? It’s no use shooting arrows if you haven’t got a target to hit.
What is your goal?
What is the motivation?
When do you want to achieve it by?
What is your means of attack?


If you prepare for what will happen on the journey to achieving your goals, your motivation will have a better chance of staying intact.
Expect criticism, but pay it no attention
Expect re-direction, but don’t see it as failure
Expect delays, but stay consistent
Surround yourself with positive people; those that say you can and will
Put up pictures and quotes from the great achievers in unexpected places to remind you of the journey you are on and the goals you have set
Read inspiring stories and stay away from negative ones
Concentrate on yourself and your own needs
The biggest reason for loss of motivation is listening to negative people and concentrating on how you might fail. Change this cycle and create good habits. It will be hard at first but constantly reminding yourself of the reasons why you wanted to change in the first place is a sure fire way to keep motivated. Concentrate on the benefits of what reaching your goal will give.
Most importantly enjoy the journey; it’s part of the goal.


Stopping drinking.


The one question people ask me almost on a daily basis is why did you stop drinking?

Apart from losing my family, every job I’d ever had, every home I’d ever tried to establish, every relationship I had been in and being on the verge of insanity, I would have to say that the one thing, the final straw was realising that I had lost myself.

I hadn’t really known myself since being a boy of 7 years old when I lost my innocence.

When I looked back on my life I saw a happy child with a happy heart but at the end of my drinking career I was soulless. Nothing, no matter what I tried could make me feel that happiness. It was at this point as I sat in my run down bedsit; a thirty year old man, lost, lonely and unhappy. It was at time point I realised I was at a turning point in my life. I could either carry on living a miserable, unproductive existence or I could seize the day and do something about it. This was when I realised that without happiness, without self-worth, without that feeling of being at one with myself, without being able to look in the mirror and feel happy with what was looking back, life wasn’t worth living and I wasn’t ready to die yet.

I wanted to live; I wanted to lead a productive, happy life. No longer having to cast my mind to the past to achieve my happiness but instead wake up on a daily basis with a feeling of self-worth, a feeling that I belonged, a feeling of being able to contribute to this world instead of always taking out.

Happiness; a deep seeded happiness is what I craved and so my journey in sobriety began.

Without happiness, without self-worth, without that feeling of belonging – life is not life, it is survival and I don’t want to survive, I want to live and have that feeling of being alive and enjoy it.

That is why I stopped drinking.

Peter x



Consistency is the key.


Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 22.46.19

Are you consistent?
The answer may be yes but are you consistent in a way that is pushing you towards your goals or away from them?
Doing the same thing the same way and expecting a different result is surely a sign of madness!
Whenever we do something consistently, we will cultivate results. Those results can either be pushing us forwards or be sending us backwards. There is no middle ground.
Let’s say for instance your chosen career path is to be a writer. You want to write for a living and you want to be paid for that writing. Ask yourself this one question. Am I consistent?
To be a great writer you have to be consistently writing. You have to be writing on a daily basis to be able to develop your writing prowess. It’s no good writing once a week or once a month and expecting to get any better at it, you won’t. Writing is an art form that only improves by consistently writing. It’s the same as any other career path, hobby or skill you want to develop. For instance, you might want to train to be a great athlete. Whatever it is you choose you want to be great at, you will not be great without being consistent.
Consistency is key.
Take a look at the greatest achievers in any area and look at what it is that they do to become truly great in their fields. You can bet your bottom dollar that one thing is consistency. The world’s greatest athletes are consistently training, they are consistently eating the correct diets, and they have consistent sleeping patterns, training routines and schedules. Without consistency they become nothing. A world class athlete will not stay world class if they start to be inconsistent.
An athlete who trains five times a week for years will not be the same athlete if they skip meals, they miss training sessions or stay up partying to the early hours. How many times have you seen great athletes fall from grace because they haven’t trained, eaten healthily or lived a lifestyle that is consistent with their successful routines?
There are countless books laying unwritten, millions of ideas unrealised and eons of hours wasted because the creators of potentially great things have become inconsistent in the area that was pushing them towards fantastic achievements in exchange for being consistent in the things that took them further away from achieving their aims and goals.
Consistency works both ways. If you are a consistent procrastinator nothing will ever materialize. If you are consistently late, people will stop inviting you. If you are consistently ignorant, you will lose friends. If you are consistent in your inconsistency, dreams will be lost, goals will never be reached and your aspirations will forever be drifting further away.

Be consistent in the things that push you towards your goals and dreams, not the ones that take you further away from them.



Our worlds constantly change. You experience both good and bad. What matters is how we react to those changes. We sometimes choose to stay still and stay in the past whilst everyone around us moves on. Don’t sit and let the world change whilst you stay the same. Embrace the change and seek out the benefits of that change.
Whilst you may think this is an impossibility it isn’t, it’s a choice. Granted sometimes it is an unconscious choice – but still a choice.
When we meditate (pray) and become more entwined with our inner consciousness we become more aware of our unconscious choices. This allows us to identify them quickly and change them. Inner healing comes from being in tune with your inner consciousness. Cultivate your awareness of this and learn to make the changes required quicker, with less pain and more ease. Never try and combat pain with pain or hate with hate, face your adversities with love.
Love is pure, the more love you cultivate the more love will gravitate towards

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 20.16.28



Self Investment.


How do you think when you spend your money?

Do you see it as a spending spree? An impulse buy? A treat?
Or do you see it as an investment in yourself?

When you invest in yourself you are telling yourself what you are worth.

What you spend your money when you spend it on yourself it on directly reflects on your thoughts and feelings at the time of spending.

You work hard for your money, you put in hours of labour, no matter what kind of work you do you earnt it and the money you accept for that work is a reflection of how you value yourself.

When you invest your money in someone else’s services or product how much you pay for that service or product is you telling them what they are worth and that you value their service or product.

Invest in yourself to your true value, make sure that what you pay for is a direct reflection of yours and your suppliers value to you.

Remember that when you but a product or service you are paying for the thou sounds of design ideas, the hours of hours that it took your provider to be able to provide the service or product. You are paying for hours and hours of hard work and the many failures it took to bring that service or product into fruition.

When you invest your hard earned money ask yourself:

Do I need this?
Do I want this?
Is it a reflection of my true value?

Is the product or service of the standard I deserve?

Often when we buy cheap it becomes an false economy. But a £9.99 iron and it will last a few weeks before the the cable curls. Invest in a well made iron that is made with attention to detail and to rugged standards it might cost a little more but it will last for ever… But be wary the most expensive product or service is not always the best.

Whatever you spend it on it should be classed as an investment. Whether it’s a product or service what you spend is an investment in you.

Here’s the best part…

People take care of money, they take care of products and they are generally mindful of what they spend their cash on but now think of it like this…

How you spend your thoughts, feelings and emotions, what you feed yourself and your loved ones, how you look after your health is the biggest kind of self investment there is.

So be careful how you spend these.

Invest your emotions on people who appreciate them, invest in quality food, invest in your health, invest in your happiness,
invest your love wisely.

Your health, happiness, emotional state and love are of value, you are of value, invest in yourself wisely.

Peter x