Shine your light.

‘They only ever talk to me when they want something’ … There’s a statement I hear banded about a lot these days…

You know why that is? It’s because you’re reliable, they know they can count on you and thats a good thing. It means youre a bit of a rock, a Lighthouse in a storm, a safe harbour for an otherwise sinking ship.

It means that you shine brighter than all the other people that surround them.

They come to you for help and advice because they see something in you they value, they see the things about you that you don’t see…

This is where most people become unstuck by not knowing their own worth or their own value.

You need to understand your own self worth to be able to judge the character of others. You need to be able to seperate those that come in search of genuine help and those that come to to decieve you…

Self worth is a priority to be able to live a full and joyous life without it we are like lighthouses with out the bulb, we are dark empty spaces battered by the daily storm.

Look at yourself and ask yourself,
what am i worth?
What is my value?
Do i put myself first?
How happy am I?

If your answers to these questions don’t fill you with satisfaction and joy you then you must put yourself first.

You must first replace your own inner light and shine before you can help others.

Your self worth, value and happiness must be your priority, then you will start to shine. It is then you will become a beacon of inspiration and hope for others, and having been through the darkness yourself you will be able to see those that are still trapped in the dark…

When we identify these shadow people that are trapped in the storm, we must try and shine our light on then, we must try and bring them safely to the shore so they too can live a joyous life living in the light too.

If we try and throw these people a life line, we may be able to turn those shadow people towards the light, the light we are living in ourselves and as we do our self worth will grow our value will become higher and our lives will be become enriched with joy…

When we know our self worth, value and are happy we also have strength and foresight. Forsight to see who is genuine and who is deceitful and strength of chracter to be able to say no to their deciet whilst offering a lifeline that doesn’t put ourselves at risk.

Some will follow you safely into the harbour of a happy life and some will try and ride the storm and many of those will crash onto the jagged rocks of life and drown in a sea of darkness…

But the fact that we tried may just be enough…

Be a beacon in the sea of life there are already to many jagged rocks…

Peter x


Restart… I woke up this morning in a bad mood. Nothing has happened, no big dramas, no upsets nothing. I just woke up in a bad mood.

I laid for a while contemplating why my mood was low and honestly i couldn’t find a reason why no more than i can pin point why on most days i wake up happy. Its just a mood,
i thought, i dont have to stay this way all day.

And that thought was the key…

That one positive thought was the key to restarting my day so i chose to not stay in that mood. I picked up my phone looked at pictures of my loved ones, went through the reviews of my barbershop and thought about where i was 18 years ago.. Drunk, In a run down flat with no job, no income and no self respect.
I then looked at my achievements, my degree, the books I’ve written , the films I’ve made and written and the martial arts certificates i trained hard for.

Then i realised that there was no reason to be in a bad mood at all.

So im not..

I chose to restart my day and i feel better for it.

If theres isn’t a reason to be in a bad mood then don’t be.

If there is there a reason the tackle the problem head on.

But whatever you do don’t dwell, don’t sit and wallow in self pity nurturing a bad mood, Choose to start your day again.

Peter x


You’ve decided that thats it, no more you’ve said to yourself, you’ve written a list and there it is, over there, on the side catching dust…

I’ll help you, pick up the list and do the first thing on it. Thats it, today thats all you have to do, that one thing.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes you, if it takes you from now until midnight it matters not, but do it.

Then when its done strike a line through it and look at it…

Now, feel the satisfaction, let it flow through you, nice isnt it. Now imagine constantly having that feeling or everything you do is working towards that feeling, doesn’t life, if only for a minute, become a little bit less stressful …

Satisfaction is one of the greatest feelings we can experience with it comes many emotions, we feel like accomplished winners, we smile more when we are satisfied and smiling is the direct result of happiness so whats not to love about being satisfied.

See that list it no longer looks like a chore, now its a source of happiness.

The more you get done the happier you will be.

Attack that list today and create some happiness and feel satisfied.

Peter x


Wake up, be grateful you have, clear all negative thought and be the best you.

Don’t start your day thinking about what problems you have think about what solutions YOU’RE gonna create…

Nobodys going to take away your problems but you can. If things are bothering you they arent magically going to dissapear you have to take action.

Write down everything that bothers you, debts, worries, relationship problems, health problems and seek to challenge them one at a time.
There is always a solution.

Problems of any kind unchallenged will grow unless you challenge them.

Dont wait, don’t put off challenging them head on, today, NOW!

The simple answer to most problems is stop repeating the cause…

Choose to be happy, challenge your problems.

Peter x

The best you

Sometimes in your minds eye you belive in yourself so much you see a vision of the very best you thats possible. You see what you are like when you reach your full potential.
For a split second It actually makes you feel fantastic, you belive in it so much that it actually changes the way you feel about you.

Then something happens, someone you know, usually someone critical of you pops into your head and plants the seed of self doubt.

At this point you start to criticise the best version of you too, the vision of the best you starts to fade, you even feel stupid for even thinking you could be like that. You self destruct and before you know it the best you has become the worst you…

All because you allowed someone else to enter your thoughts and destroy what is possible.

The trouble is that we concentrate on what we think people think about us instead of just concentrating on being our best.

Just be the best you and belive in the best you, eventually others will see the best you too.

When the seed of doubt gets planted don’t water it by giving it any attention get the imaginary best you to rip that seed right back out before it takes root.

Eventually with viaulisation and practice the imaginary you will become the real you and you will become impervious to self doubt.

Self doubt is just fear of what others might think of the best you, its a killer, do not let it take root. Belive in the best you…

Do not water negative seeds and never let anyone live in your head rent free…

Peter x


Balance is the key… Food, exercise, work and play its all about balance…

Don’t eat till your feel like your going to burst just stop when your satisfied…

Dont drink til you fall over and puke just drink to enjoy yourself…

Don’t run till you faint, enjoy the scenery along the way…

Don’t sit in your chair all day, get up and do something, anything, but keep moving…

Don’t say you can’t when you probably can all that is needed is a little more effort…

Work hard and relax well…

Dont do it to impress others just do what you do for you…

Sit and think for a while about opposites, if you dont get out much start going out more. If your diet is rubbish eat better. If your exercise is lacking adress it. If your unhappy seek out those you can talk to and never be afraid to ask for help.

If you’re sad, cry, its just another emotion and a good cry often helps but dont forget to smile afterwards…

Its all about balance…

Peter x

Advice for the new year

Stop moaning…

Either do something about the problem or keep quite about it. Constantly moaning about something will only accentuate the problem and make it bigger.

Dont concentrate on problems concentrate on solutions..

Stop talking about the problem and start working on the solution, it creates a positive outcome and prevents negative energy in your mind.

Action speaks louder than words..

Stop wishing you could do something and actually start working towards doing it.Create a list of what will get you to your end goal and do at least one thing daily towards that goal.


If your unhappy in your love life and feeling unforefilled then leave, get out of the relationship and find one that you do want.
People’s hearts heal and it is better to be unhappy in the short term than live a whole life of misery.


If its love your after do the things that make you happy and there will always be someone else doing those things too. Find love there. If you both love the same things loving eachother will be easy…


If you are always talking about the weekend or working for the weekends or wishing work was over you’re in the wrong job. Re-educate yourself, retrain, and quit then do the job you want to do. You’re at work more than you are at play if its not enjoyable then Quit!

Your body is a temple..

Look after yourself, don’t smoke, don’t eat crap, sleep well, meditate, learn to relax, walk more, spend time in nature and exercise regularly.

Challenge your mental state..

If you feel depressed, drink to much, struggling with debt, or metal health issues then get help.
Talk to someone, talk to me, but most of all. Listen and take action. To many people say they want help but then challenge the advice given.. Try doing what people advise you to do before dismissing it…

There is one barr against all knowledge and that is contempt prior to investigation.

Cultivate your happiess remember life is not a rehearsal and there is no second performance…

Peter x


They say that neccessity is the mother of all change and whilst that is true I’ve decided to make a slight change to this blog and concentrate less on what I can offer and more of what I do on a day to day basis.  So expect a more fun, informative blog site from now on with discussions, podcasts, interviews, audio and video podcasts and day to day uploads right here about my life and my experiences, on going projects, future projects and my life in sobriety.

They’ll be give aways and I hope to have a lot more interaction with you lovely people who drop by and read my writings, musings and slight philosophical outlook on life.

Since getting sober one mantra I have lived by is “I didn’t get sober to be miserable” so the fun starts here. From music to movies, martial arts training, general thoughts and feelings about life, personal thoughts and adventures this will be a place for me to document my day to day life in sobriety as a writer, a dreamer and a positive actioneer,

Let the adventures begin 🙂

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Stay focused.



Stay focused

We all have our goals and our dreams, but sometimes they seem very far away. Fear not, though. You will get there. We have to stay focused on our goals and our dreams. Life has a way of testing us to see if we are really ready to have what we crave. Life will throw up obstacles and tests. It’s life’s way of asking us: “Are you sure this is what you want?”

Sometimes we are forced to take a road that seems a million miles from what we aspire to be or have in our lives. If we have faith and stay focused on our goals we will reach them without a doubt, even if it seems as though we are running in the wrong direction at times.

Life will sometimes push us in a direction that confuses us and makes us think we are on the wrong track, but I know based on my experiences that this is life’s way of giving us further knowledge so that we can achieve our dreams.

If we fail a test it’s because we were not ready. It doesn’t mean we can never pass that test; we just need more knowledge to enable us to do so. Sometimes that knowledge has to come from a source we are not used to gaining knowledge from, but if we stay focused that source will teach us what we really need to know.
Many times I have been on a journey towards a goal when I have been diverted onto a different path, but that path has always taught me something about my long-term goal.

Knowledge comes in many shapes and sizes, and from many different sources, but I believe all the lessons we have – whether they are expected or not – teach us what we need to know to achieve our dreams, even if we aren’t convinced of it at the time.

So expect the unexpected and when it comes, ask yourself: what can I learn from where I am now, and how will it help me achieve my goals and dreams?

Remember: Stay focused on the end goal. Do not give up trying to achieve it and it will surely happen. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.