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Peter featured on BBC Radio 4’s the listening project  and talks a little about them and us with one of his closest friends ~Nick.

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Click here to listen now –

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Check out my latest interview over at Living sober. The online community blog for recovering addicts.  Click Here

Peter was recently interviewed for an article on life change by MORE magazine where he talks about his own life change and how you can change yours.

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You can read this article by clicking here

Peter Featured in the Uk’s Biggest Martial arts Magazine Martial arts Illustrated. You can read the articles below.

Peter writes for The Fix one of the biggest online blogs on addiction you can read his article by clicking here

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Peter’s interview and appearance on Sky TV


Peter being interviewed for

Listen to Peter talking about his writing on sound

Interview With Author Peter Skillen_


The unlimited pod cast With Stuart Williams.

Listen to Peter talking to Stuart Williams on


Richard Barnes Real life People with Peter Skillen.

Listen to peter talking to Richard Barnes at Richard


Stuart Williams Interviews Peter Skillen.

Read Peters first interview with Stuart

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