Shine your light.

‘They only ever talk to me when they want something’ … There’s a statement I hear banded about a lot these days…

You know why that is? It’s because you’re reliable, they know they can count on you and thats a good thing. It means youre a bit of a rock, a Lighthouse in a storm, a safe harbour for an otherwise sinking ship.

It means that you shine brighter than all the other people that surround them.

They come to you for help and advice because they see something in you they value, they see the things about you that you don’t see…

This is where most people become unstuck by not knowing their own worth or their own value.

You need to understand your own self worth to be able to judge the character of others. You need to be able to seperate those that come in search of genuine help and those that come to to decieve you…

Self worth is a priority to be able to live a full and joyous life without it we are like lighthouses with out the bulb, we are dark empty spaces battered by the daily storm.

Look at yourself and ask yourself,
what am i worth?
What is my value?
Do i put myself first?
How happy am I?

If your answers to these questions don’t fill you with satisfaction and joy you then you must put yourself first.

You must first replace your own inner light and shine before you can help others.

Your self worth, value and happiness must be your priority, then you will start to shine. It is then you will become a beacon of inspiration and hope for others, and having been through the darkness yourself you will be able to see those that are still trapped in the dark…

When we identify these shadow people that are trapped in the storm, we must try and shine our light on then, we must try and bring them safely to the shore so they too can live a joyous life living in the light too.

If we try and throw these people a life line, we may be able to turn those shadow people towards the light, the light we are living in ourselves and as we do our self worth will grow our value will become higher and our lives will be become enriched with joy…

When we know our self worth, value and are happy we also have strength and foresight. Forsight to see who is genuine and who is deceitful and strength of chracter to be able to say no to their deciet whilst offering a lifeline that doesn’t put ourselves at risk.

Some will follow you safely into the harbour of a happy life and some will try and ride the storm and many of those will crash onto the jagged rocks of life and drown in a sea of darkness…

But the fact that we tried may just be enough…

Be a beacon in the sea of life there are already to many jagged rocks…

Peter x

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