Restart… I woke up this morning in a bad mood. Nothing has happened, no big dramas, no upsets nothing. I just woke up in a bad mood.

I laid for a while contemplating why my mood was low and honestly i couldn’t find a reason why no more than i can pin point why on most days i wake up happy. Its just a mood,
i thought, i dont have to stay this way all day.

And that thought was the key…

That one positive thought was the key to restarting my day so i chose to not stay in that mood. I picked up my phone looked at pictures of my loved ones, went through the reviews of my barbershop and thought about where i was 18 years ago.. Drunk, In a run down flat with no job, no income and no self respect.
I then looked at my achievements, my degree, the books I’ve written , the films I’ve made and written and the martial arts certificates i trained hard for.

Then i realised that there was no reason to be in a bad mood at all.

So im not..

I chose to restart my day and i feel better for it.

If theres isn’t a reason to be in a bad mood then don’t be.

If there is there a reason the tackle the problem head on.

But whatever you do don’t dwell, don’t sit and wallow in self pity nurturing a bad mood, Choose to start your day again.

Peter x

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