You’ve decided that thats it, no more you’ve said to yourself, you’ve written a list and there it is, over there, on the side catching dust…

I’ll help you, pick up the list and do the first thing on it. Thats it, today thats all you have to do, that one thing.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes you, if it takes you from now until midnight it matters not, but do it.

Then when its done strike a line through it and look at it…

Now, feel the satisfaction, let it flow through you, nice isnt it. Now imagine constantly having that feeling or everything you do is working towards that feeling, doesn’t life, if only for a minute, become a little bit less stressful …

Satisfaction is one of the greatest feelings we can experience with it comes many emotions, we feel like accomplished winners, we smile more when we are satisfied and smiling is the direct result of happiness so whats not to love about being satisfied.

See that list it no longer looks like a chore, now its a source of happiness.

The more you get done the happier you will be.

Attack that list today and create some happiness and feel satisfied.

Peter x

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