The best you

Sometimes in your minds eye you belive in yourself so much you see a vision of the very best you thats possible. You see what you are like when you reach your full potential.
For a split second It actually makes you feel fantastic, you belive in it so much that it actually changes the way you feel about you.

Then something happens, someone you know, usually someone critical of you pops into your head and plants the seed of self doubt.

At this point you start to criticise the best version of you too, the vision of the best you starts to fade, you even feel stupid for even thinking you could be like that. You self destruct and before you know it the best you has become the worst you…

All because you allowed someone else to enter your thoughts and destroy what is possible.

The trouble is that we concentrate on what we think people think about us instead of just concentrating on being our best.

Just be the best you and belive in the best you, eventually others will see the best you too.

When the seed of doubt gets planted don’t water it by giving it any attention get the imaginary best you to rip that seed right back out before it takes root.

Eventually with viaulisation and practice the imaginary you will become the real you and you will become impervious to self doubt.

Self doubt is just fear of what others might think of the best you, its a killer, do not let it take root. Belive in the best you…

Do not water negative seeds and never let anyone live in your head rent free…

Peter x

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