Advice for the new year

Stop moaning…

Either do something about the problem or keep quite about it. Constantly moaning about something will only accentuate the problem and make it bigger.

Dont concentrate on problems concentrate on solutions..

Stop talking about the problem and start working on the solution, it creates a positive outcome and prevents negative energy in your mind.

Action speaks louder than words..

Stop wishing you could do something and actually start working towards doing it.Create a list of what will get you to your end goal and do at least one thing daily towards that goal.


If your unhappy in your love life and feeling unforefilled then leave, get out of the relationship and find one that you do want.
People’s hearts heal and it is better to be unhappy in the short term than live a whole life of misery.


If its love your after do the things that make you happy and there will always be someone else doing those things too. Find love there. If you both love the same things loving eachother will be easy…


If you are always talking about the weekend or working for the weekends or wishing work was over you’re in the wrong job. Re-educate yourself, retrain, and quit then do the job you want to do. You’re at work more than you are at play if its not enjoyable then Quit!

Your body is a temple..

Look after yourself, don’t smoke, don’t eat crap, sleep well, meditate, learn to relax, walk more, spend time in nature and exercise regularly.

Challenge your mental state..

If you feel depressed, drink to much, struggling with debt, or metal health issues then get help.
Talk to someone, talk to me, but most of all. Listen and take action. To many people say they want help but then challenge the advice given.. Try doing what people advise you to do before dismissing it…

There is one barr against all knowledge and that is contempt prior to investigation.

Cultivate your happiess remember life is not a rehearsal and there is no second performance…

Peter x

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