Stay focused.



Stay focused

We all have our goals and our dreams, but sometimes they seem very far away. Fear not, though. You will get there. We have to stay focused on our goals and our dreams. Life has a way of testing us to see if we are really ready to have what we crave. Life will throw up obstacles and tests. It’s life’s way of asking us: “Are you sure this is what you want?”

Sometimes we are forced to take a road that seems a million miles from what we aspire to be or have in our lives. If we have faith and stay focused on our goals we will reach them without a doubt, even if it seems as though we are running in the wrong direction at times.

Life will sometimes push us in a direction that confuses us and makes us think we are on the wrong track, but I know based on my experiences that this is life’s way of giving us further knowledge so that we can achieve our dreams.

If we fail a test it’s because we were not ready. It doesn’t mean we can never pass that test; we just need more knowledge to enable us to do so. Sometimes that knowledge has to come from a source we are not used to gaining knowledge from, but if we stay focused that source will teach us what we really need to know.
Many times I have been on a journey towards a goal when I have been diverted onto a different path, but that path has always taught me something about my long-term goal.

Knowledge comes in many shapes and sizes, and from many different sources, but I believe all the lessons we have – whether they are expected or not – teach us what we need to know to achieve our dreams, even if we aren’t convinced of it at the time.

So expect the unexpected and when it comes, ask yourself: what can I learn from where I am now, and how will it help me achieve my goals and dreams?

Remember: Stay focused on the end goal. Do not give up trying to achieve it and it will surely happen. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

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